Notts Arms Companies

In March this year the BBC TV program The One Show showed a report on the hidden companies of Nottinghamshire. With the realization that the UK were selling arms to Libya and Bahrain the One show decided it was time to report on the UK’s arm trades. Kirk Jackson from Campaign Against Arms Trade and Notts Anti-Militarism took Simon Boarzman the One Show reporter to a few local arms companies including Heckler and Koch which had been the target of a long-running local campaign.

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The Anti-Militarist Network was created on November the 30th during an anti-militarist gathering in Edinburgh. It is a non-hierarchical, UK-wide network of autonomous campaigns, groups and activists who share a belief in the necessity of direct action to oppose militarism and the arms industry. The AMN aims to provide: communication and co-ordination between groups and campaigns solidarity and mutual aid training and workshops in direct action, trauma support, media, etc a forum for discussion and analysis The AMN has the following principles: The network organises along the principles of autonomy and non-heirarchy We embrace a diversity of tactics We will not publicly condemn other peoples actions We have a respect for life The network makes decisions at gatherings. These gatherings, along with all spaces organised by the AMN (including virtual ones) are covered by our Safer Spaces agreement.

Health Campaigners take on the arms company

Wednesday 26th September saw anti – arms trade campaigners handing out leaflets to those attending a health conference that was being held next door to Heckler and Koch, the arms company. The conference, discussing health and wellbeing in hard times took place at Trent vineyard church on Easter Park part of the industrial park in Lenton Lane. The unmarked unit 3 is where submachine guns and assault rifles are manufactured and is next door to the church.

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Women’s Rights and Anti-Militarism in Colombia

November 25, 2013 saw the beginning of 16 days of Public Actions in Medellin. The International Day of No Violence against women started the actions specifically to make the public more aware and to gather support against violence towards women. Local human rights organizations along with student groups, women’s groups, anti – war groups and other local groups organized the campaign which they named, “For the right to exist, think and make decisions: 16 days of public action for women, dignity and peace.” This ran in conjunction with the iniative that was started by the United Nations and the campaign ran until 10 December which marks International Human Rights Day.

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